She wanted that Darkness

“You can’t let someone see what’s in your heart.”

Sometimes, you don’t. Because, you don’t want to, or you need to. But then, you keep it inside you. And you keep pushing it inside, the burden, and you keep pushing it deeper inside the pit of your heart, until one day, you breakdown. You just keep pushing it, deeper and deeper. Because people push you away. Or do. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is how you look beyond it.

“I want this darkness.”

Ever had that feeling where you want to run, sulk in darkness once you’ve grown attached to someone, hoping they’ll come for you, guide you back into their light? But here is the thing: how will they guide you back to their light if you want to keep yourself in darkness. Wanting something is a choice. Needing something is a necessity. Understand the difference.

“I have to clear my mess. I am insecure and have decided myself into believing I am happy. I don’t let this side shine. I am two different person, to be honest. 

“I am happy and an optimistic around my family and friends. But when I am alone, I let my other side take the seat. And I can’t help it… can’t help it knowing someone out there is in love with me, and I can’t reciprocate the love.

“I want to. I really do, but this… pain… it is… it is… different. I am a discomfort to myself. And some day, I will just be forgotten. ”

We are in love ; and under the sapphire sky we meet our nightmares. But that’s fine. And it is fine to have two different characteristics. We are like a coin, having two sides. Which side is true to you? Contemplate on that. 

Here I am, telling you it’s fine and okay, but I know the other side of the coin, too. But I like my choices. And I choose this side of coin, where I believe things are going to be fine. Because they will. Time may be the strongest gift of nature. But there is something far stronger. You know what? Change. It can mould Time. So, let Time play its dirty tricks on you. Because sooner or later, Change will come, and Time will bend in your favour.

“You’ll break yourself if you try fixing everyone else.” 

But wouldn’t that be worth it? One broken soul for ten happy souls.


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