He never wanted to end his life.. He wanted to end that Pain he was suffering from….

So recently came across a post about Arjun Bharadwaj

He never wanted to end his life.. He wanted to end that Pain he was suffering from…. but was that a right thing? was that the right option?

Arjun was a 23 year old guy I guess.. I am not sure.. he recently used his social media accounts to let people know how to suicide using following steps. He ended his life at Taj-Land Ends. One of the most superior and luxurious hotels in the town.

How to commit suicide, according to a 24-year-old who succeeded?

Step 1: Write notes to people

Step 2: Get drunk

Step 3: Enjoy the view

Step 4: Have Bacon pasta…

Step 5: Lose count of the steps, and leave a final message.

The words of a young boy before he ended his life. He posted a picture to his Facebook profile page, too. The caption said five words—“A view to die for”—and an emoji. There never was a Step 5 to his tutorial because, he lost count of the steps and ended the video, before picking up a side table from the room. The piece of furniture was used to break the glass window. The picture was taken from the same window of his suite where he was staying, at the Taj Land’s End, Mumbai; overlooking the sea and the setting sun…

The police said he left a suicide note in which he wrote depression and drug use had taken a toll on his life. He also recorded a video tutorial on how to commit suicide, which has since gone viral on social media.

According to the Bandra police, the man, Arjun Bharadwaj, a resident of Bangalore, jumped around 6.30pm. Here are 10 things we know about the suicide.

1) The incident took place on Monday (April 3, 2017) at 6.30 pm in a five-star hotel at Bandstand, Bandra. He had checked into the hotel at 3am on Monday and was alone. He jumped off the 9th floor after breaking the glass window of the hotel building.

2) He was drunk at the time of the incident. He was depressed. The suicide was pre-planned. He had failed in college and was unable to clear his the final year of his BCom course.

3) He was a student in Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. He had been living in the city since 2013. Bharadwaj was from Bengaluru.

4) He recorded a video tutorial on how to commit suicide. The Mumbai police have blocked the video on the grounds that it could influence others and have also requested the media not to publish it.

5) To get more information into what forced him into take the extreme step, his phone has been sent to FSL.

6) His father had retired and he had one younger brother. He was under pressure to complete studies and find a job to support their family of four. He has younger brother.

7) He wrote about suicide and death in a few posts on Facebook, indicating he needed help.

8) His father got to know about his mental health issues from his friends and came to Mumbai from Bengaluru to help him. He met his father on Saturday. No statement has been recorded so far.

9) He left behind a long suicide note mentioning drug abuse, depression as reasons for his condition. He said sorry to his parents and thanked his friends.

10) He spoke about the notes, getting drunk and having food as steps to be taken before committing suicide in his video. Till now, the police have not found anyone to be held responsible for his extreme step. But his call data record will shed more light on the case.

As I say Internet has both bad and good terms. His suicide again showed us how people now are suffering from depression and other things. Most people will tell talk to your friends, family and etc etc. But, do you really think it will help were in today’s life every person is almost on their phones or with a busy schedule.

People will tell come we are there, we will talk? I mean like really? Wiil you? Do you that much of time. What you know about depression? What will you do? How will you make the other person fight? Answer me? No answers? There won’t be any.

Don’t take your life.. Give a thought before even about thinking about it.. If you really need some help meditate, ask, talk, speak, write, share your thoughts.

Someone just took the video when arjun committed suicide and uploaded it on social media not bothering about what people will go thru it, some might get depressed, some might just take the same idea and do that same thing, some may learn some lessons.

I feel taking your own life was not the solution, what happened if you would got saved the entire life you would have regretted about it, So think before taking any step..

There was a time I had gone thru this stage but that time my friends help me a lot and I am thankful to them.. But at times that stage comes again there’s no one and even I don’t want any one to know about.. coz it won’t help, If I neede help would have asked for but than I can’t even ask for a help coz I don’t like doing that I never want to be dependent on anyone. But that doen’t mean I’ll end my life or even give a thought about it, Never! So before thinking anything think about your family, loved ones, you will rise slowly it will make you better person if you try..




the whole post about Arjun

Came across from a post of the young comedian Biswa kalyan.

You can have a look. I agree on some parts but not on every






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