A woman not everybody knew how to love.

She grew up to be a woman of her own kind.

Unlike other women, she was not a shadow of her man and temptation was not her weakness.

She had the power to turn him into a shadow, blinding him with her beauty.

She had her own quirks and one of them was principally dealing with men.

She was the woman a man needed.

She could fill his mouth with her love and douse him in her name.

She was poisonous.

She could leave the taste of her venom in every man’s mouth who was enamoured of her and every woman that came in his life after her could feel her presence.

Her presence , yeah that could tense up the men around her.

She knew what she was capable of, but never took advantage of that.

You could call her stone-hearted but that’s not what she was.

She had a beautiful heart, something not everybody deserved.

People said she would never find a man of her style but that didn’t bother her a tad bit.

She knew she was pretty , volatile , terrifying and always so intense.

A woman not everybody knew how to love.


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