Everything is gone

“There was always something you gave a higher priority than her. Whether it was the money, your career, or your friends…there was always something. All the conversations that she tried to have, but you refused to hear…all the evenings she wanted to spend time with you, but you were too busy.  Everything…gone! And now, you can’t sleep at night…you can’t eat…you walk around like everything is alright while you fall apart inside. 


“My friend, let go of your pride and realize that you can never truly be the right man for a good woman until you are willing to change you first, at least at the foundation, before you go out and find her. There’s always room to grow, but if you do it the other way around, there’s a good chance that you’ll hurt her so much in the process, that she’ll have no choice but to leave long before you’re able to complete the change. 


“That’s a lose-lose situation. You lose a good woman and she loses the good man you could have been had you just worked on you before you came looking for her.”


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