Was She?

I’d thought getting over you would be fairly easy. Because, I’ve always bragged about how quickly I move on because I never get too attached to anyone.

Truth is, it’s been three years and somehow every song on the radio, music album somehow reminds me of you.

You were different. And probably that was a thing I said to every other guy I met, but I never meant it. But you, you were so bloody different and it irked me to no end. Because you had driven us downtown to that new bar that had opened and while I had been notoriously high, you had not even taken a sip of your glass. And when you had driven us back home and I had waited for you to kiss me, we hadn’t. I had always thought love stories ended there. Ours, I wasn’t quite sure where it began and where it was supposed to end.

And getting over you would’ve been fairly easy if we had not talked throughout the night about snow and the coasts – things that had seemed so insignificant until that night when I fell asleep dreaming about some coast in India with white waves and shells and about us, walking down it’s length, hand in hand and mumbling a lazy tune. Getting over you would’ve been fucking easy if I had not fallen in love with you. I thought I’d never fall in love with you. I thought you’d never fall in love with me because I smoke and drank and acted crazy and you hated everything I loved. Except the music, of course.

And now, I sit in my room with a glass of drink and it makes me want to puke. Because, I sit on my bed facing the wall, now covered with those once broken Song that you had loved and there’s ………..(—) playing on my phone and I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad or just pathetic.

I know, now, why every song reminds me of you; why I don’t drink anymore; and why every time I pick up that ear phone  next to my bed, I’m reminded of you and of the way you smiled.

Because I was fucking in love with you.

Since the very first time we ran into each other, I was a fucking mess and you still looked at me like I was someone special.


Was I?


I started a chaos in your heart, and I became its victim too.


The Truth Is I’m Strong But I’m Tired

Original Post by : Kirsten Corley


Strength is believing in love when you’ve only known heartbreak.

It’s drying your own tears that no one knew you cried.

Strength is overcoming your own demons or vices.

And looking at someone who completely broke you and you forgive them.

Strength is helping others even when it’s you that hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

It’s trusting everyone even though you have every reason not to.

Strength is biting your tongue when someone is unkind and realizing it’s a reflection of them and not you.

It’s holding on and believing in something you know you deserve but haven’t gotten yet.

Strength is when everyone doubts you but you believe in yourself anyway.

But the truth is I’m strong but I’m tired.

I’m tired of being hurt every time I get my hopes up.

I’m tired of anticipating the worst and watching it play out.

I’m tired of being let down.

And always blaming myself for things.

I’m tired of people telling me I need to change. Then every time I try to I lose myself in an attempt to make them happy.

I’m tired of constantly being challenged and always having to be the bigger person.

I’m tired of thinking too much about people who care too little.

I’m tired of overthinking.

I’m tired of spending 15 minutes of coming up with a text only to get an answer K.

I’m tired of trying so hard to please others when I don’t ask for much in return.

I’m tired of staying up at night as thoughts consume me and I can’t sleep.

I’m tired of carrying this weight on my shoulders from my past that haunts me.

I’m tired of being strong for everyone.

I’m tired of always figuring out the solutions when it isn’t even my problem, to begin with.

I’m tired of the explanations that came too late.

And people walking away with no reason when I’m the one holding the door saying, ‘I’ll miss you.’

The truth is caring as much as this hurts. It’s knowing pain at levels others never will. It’s knowing sadness and darkness the way others don’t. It’s experiencing heartbreak that hurts more than any physical amount of pain

But on the other end of such intense emotions is knowing a love so deep, it fills you despite their absence. Despite a sadness you can’t shake, on most days, you’ll experience the happiness that makes it worth it. Despite the pain of endings, you’ll look forward to new beginnings. Because you know when you get it right it’s worth it.

And the truth is if you ask any person who is like this, what they would choose, they wouldn’t change anything about themselves even if they are tired.

There is something rare about a person that strong. They are the healers of the world. They are the light for others in darkness. They are the hope when everyone has lost it and they end up being loved deeply by everyone for being exactly who they are and not changing when others allowed pain to change them.

The truth is though regardless of how tired or hurt or disappointed these people feel, the fact they haven’t changed is why they are different. Pain changes most people but for some they see pain simply as the other end of the same spectrum that love is on, so they stay the path and keep their heads high.

A woman not everybody knew how to love.

She grew up to be a woman of her own kind.

Unlike other women, she was not a shadow of her man and temptation was not her weakness.

She had the power to turn him into a shadow, blinding him with her beauty.

She had her own quirks and one of them was principally dealing with men.

She was the woman a man needed.

She could fill his mouth with her love and douse him in her name.

She was poisonous.

She could leave the taste of her venom in every man’s mouth who was enamoured of her and every woman that came in his life after her could feel her presence.

Her presence , yeah that could tense up the men around her.

She knew what she was capable of, but never took advantage of that.

You could call her stone-hearted but that’s not what she was.

She had a beautiful heart, something not everybody deserved.

People said she would never find a man of her style but that didn’t bother her a tad bit.

She knew she was pretty , volatile , terrifying and always so intense.

A woman not everybody knew how to love.

Depression Isn’t Just Sadness. Anxiety Is Real & It’s High Time People Understand That

A article bt grace bains on Scoop whoop

Link :


by Grace Bains

Imagine having a crippling headache. You cannot move, you sure as hell cannot carry a normal conversation and you just want to sleep till that nightmare of a pain gets over.

Now, imagine that no one around is cooperative. Your mom tells you to stop being a baby because it’s just a headache, your friends call you a sissy because they’re sure it doesn’t pain that much and your boss wants you to keep working because everyone gets a headache once in a while.

This is exactly how a person with a mental illness feels. Their discomfort isn’t visible, so people conveniently assume it is nothing.

Source: Mario Azzi/Unsplash

“Just grow up and stop whining about everything in life.”

“Yaar, tum fir dukhi lag rahi ho. Cheer up! Life isn’t as bad as you make it out to be.”

“Everyone has bad days. It doesn’t mean you just sit in bed and do nothing.”

These are just a few of the sentences that are thrown at people with a mental illness. They’re asked to ‘Chill’, ‘Relax’ or ‘Shake it off’ but the one thing we refuse to do is understand.

Source: Bhumika B Photography 

We refuse to understand that their minds do not cooperate with their bodies. They are constantly followed by their demons and it is hard to just ‘Chill’. For some people, even crossing the road is an anxiety-ridden experience and they cannot ‘relax’ through it. Some people have exhaustion deep down till their bones and they can’t just ‘Shake it off’.

The problem with us is that when we hear the term ‘Mental Illness’, we automatically imagine mental asylums, psychiatric wards and a bunch of prescription medicines. But the truth is that mental illness is on the inside and could happen to anyone. It could be the boy who tops the class but makes himself sick after eating because he feels he needs to be a certain weight to find love. It could also be the girl who makes others laugh but is dying with every breath she takes.

Source: Chad Madden/Unsplash

The problem is that most people affected by a mental illness are forced to cloak it in secrecy. They’re taught that it is a thing to be ashamed of. It takes a lot for them to even admit to the fact that they’re not fine. And then our insensitive remarks go and make them feel like they’re exaggerating. We need to realize that we’re extremely lucky to be healthy and it doesn’t take a lot to extend a hand of help to someone who is not.

“If you’re not feeling fine, just stay in bed.”

“Do you want to talk about why you feel low?”

“You look quite off today. Did something happen?”

These are the sort of comforting things a person with a mental illness wants to hear. Honestly, it doesn’t take a lot to hear a person out and understand their situation, does it?

So, if someone tells you they’re feeling low, don’t dismiss them. Treat a mental illness the way you treat an illness of the heart, lungs or pancreas. There should be no distinction that way.

Source: Psych Central Blog

Life hasn’t dealt the best of cards to a person with a mental illness. But you can at least help with easing the circumstances. Stop treating them like they’re struggling, victims or patients. Treat them like friends who need a little understanding. Take them for walks, keep a check on them, encourage them to visit a counseller, but most of all, be a listener.

Don’t stigmatize mental illness. Just be a little more understanding.

Feature Image via Bhumika B Photography

I Have To Admit

Original post by

Oshin Ahlawat


I have to admit I had to cry, to convince myself that I could still hurt,
I have to admit, I shivered and shook when I was all alone, after you left,
I have to admit, I let other kinds of pain take over
so I don’t have to feel the pain you still cause in me,
I have to admit, fear is a pretty vicious motivator,
I said so many things I never meant,
I have to admit, I spent most of my time being afraid,
of being happy without you,
but the afraid part of me, that shakes and shivers,
when I smile, loves to keep me in the dark,
away from the sunlight and the music of life,

I have to admit, it gets pretty bleak to think about the night,
when you’re not used to being alone,
There are things that live inside my mind that have your fingerprints,
the traces of you being in my head,
I have to admit, I gave up on forgetting you,
I missed you and then loved you more than I expected I would,
I have to admit, I’m more tangled up than I thought I could be,

I try to walk carefully, beneath these threads of fate
that weave a web around me when I’m asleep,
And I wake up and I’m tangled even more
in the knots made by my dreams,
I have to admit, it feels pretty good to scream,
But nothing changes within me.

I wish to God I could change, but I’m too afraid,
Afraid that it involves letting you go,
I have to admit, I am afraid of getting things I wish for;
I hope I can go ahead without wanting to run backward into my past,
but life is so unpredictable, and I’m afraid of everything I want.

Why The Strongest Girls Feel The Most Brutal Kind Of Heartbreak

Original Post By

Lauren Jarvis-Gibson

through Catalog


They don’t just feel it for a few days. They don’t just feel it in their heart. No, they feel it all over. They feel it in their every bones. They feel it forever.

The strongest girls are the ones who don’t stop their emotions from showing up and flooding through. The strongest girls are the ones who don’t hide from their own selves. They don’t bottle anything up, or shove more skeletons in their closets.

The strongest girls are the ones who don’t fight the hurt.

They know that to get through it, they need to start reeling. They need to start feeling everything before it explodes inside of their hearts.

Because they know if they were to postpone the heartbreak and to distance themselves from the pain, it’ll end up haunting them later on.

They feel the worst kind of heartbreak because they love hard. They go into every relationship with the glass half full and with stars in their eyes. They go into every relationship without looking back on the past that has left them scarred. They believe that they deserve the kind of love that lasts, no matter how many people have left them in the dust. They believe in big, powerful, devastating and life changing love.

And that’s why it hurts so much when it ends.

They pour all their energy into love. And they believe in it so badly. They want it so incredibly much, that they don’t think about the possibility of it ending.

This is why their hearts break the hardest. This is why their eyes flood with the most tears, and with the most pain. This is why their stomachs sink to the depths of their souls. And this is why their hearts break the hardest.

They don’t play pretend. They don’t fake smiles. They don’t put on a facade. They don’t have a vice. They just feel. They feel it all until the pain starts to fade. They feel it until their hearts are tired of hurting so much. They feel the heartbreak, until it begins to become distant. They feel the heartbreak until it becomes bearable.

They don’t try to make it go away. They don’t try to erase it, because it’s impossible to erase that kind of pain. And they are smart enough to know that one day, they will wake up and it won’t hurt so much anymore. And they know that one day, some day, they will feel ok again.

They fall hard and they crash and burn hard. But they know that they will always get through it. They know that eventually, that boy will just be a name. Not forever anymore. 

She Differed from others

Even as a young girl , she differed from the girls around her.

She couldn’t fall in and out of love with every other boy.

She failed in keeping up with the relationships she got into.

She lost interest real quick and there was nothing she could do about it.

She couldn’t stay with someone for long because nobody satisfied the man she had in her imagination. Well , to be precise , nobody was even close to that man.

She broke hearts gracefully and that wasn’t something she was proud of. All she knew was her worth and was not ready to settle for anything lesser.

How Women Are Always ‘Asking For It’

A story by Prapti Elizabeth

Shared by Scoop Whoop


I am just sharing this post coz its kind off, like I feel connected as a Girl I know this

I am having tattoo’s.. I roam late Night.. I party.. I like travelling but that doesn’t mean I am asking for anything No i am not.. I am skinny.. sometimes also cold-hearted  hav short hair.. I apply red lipstick which is loud.. I dress whatever I like..but I have to hide it coz people out there stares me like its something I did wrong..

But I am comfortable in that but they don’t get it..

Just like you Even I want to have fun.. I like to explore love to travel, capture but that doesn’t mean I m asking for it

So here’s the Post

Of course. When we go out at night, when you see us drunk at a bar, when you see our skirt ride up two millimeters above our knee, the conclusion is simple – we’re asking for it, we’re not worth it or just how could we, right? The clothes we wear, the places we frequent or even the pictures we post on Instagram – it ain’t because we like living a certain way, it’s because we enjoy the male gaze. All our actions, from getting a haircut, a tattoo or having a baby, revolve around what our parents or peers want from us.

Here are 15 posters that are a tribute to such vile, nasty women who just can’t seem to stop asking for it.

To all the women who went against the tide in their little ways, made their own way, and learned how not to a give a damn along the way, how dare you all?

Design credits: Rohit Jhaku

And Yes even watch this video

featuring Kalki Koechlin and Ritabhari Chakraborty


A powrful video with a powerful message

know your power.. know your strength

know about your rights and know about cyber crime..

Everything is gone

“There was always something you gave a higher priority than her. Whether it was the money, your career, or your friends…there was always something. All the conversations that she tried to have, but you refused to hear…all the evenings she wanted to spend time with you, but you were too busy.  Everything…gone! And now, you can’t sleep at night…you can’t eat…you walk around like everything is alright while you fall apart inside. 


“My friend, let go of your pride and realize that you can never truly be the right man for a good woman until you are willing to change you first, at least at the foundation, before you go out and find her. There’s always room to grow, but if you do it the other way around, there’s a good chance that you’ll hurt her so much in the process, that she’ll have no choice but to leave long before you’re able to complete the change. 


“That’s a lose-lose situation. You lose a good woman and she loses the good man you could have been had you just worked on you before you came looking for her.”