Somewhere Only We Know

I need you like the Joker needs the Batman.

We aren’t ever gonna meet. I am the line, you are the asymptote. I am the fire, you are the smoke. You are the rain, I am the petrichor. I am a stalker, you are a private Instagram account.

We are rebels without a cause. We are running a marathon which doesn’t have a prize. And when the night would get dark, and we’d try to grope to something solid, we would find one another to lean on. I will be there, till you find a candle because holding on to darkness isn’t good.

I will paint a portrait, or strum a few chords. And if I get them right, clap for me in amazement. And I will give you a recording of my cover of the Beatles’s song, so you can sleep while listening to it.

Let’s delete texts after every chat. So I just become a memory instead of being on your phone’s memory. I don’t even want to occupy space in your phone, let alone your heart. But, I need you.

Maybe, it is just my denial. Maybe, it’s just a confession. Maybe, it’s just a random musing scribbled at 3.35 am. Or maybe, it is my loneliness screaming with words I can never say.

And when during a late night phone call, we are giggling like maniacs, disconnect the call before it gets too late. Shit happens when people fall in love, you know.

I want you to need me, and I will want you. And somewhere between needs and wants, we will find a place. Somewhere only we know.


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