She Was a Mystery For Him! Which needs to be solved!

“I think you’re born in the wrong half of the century,” he said to her. She was amazed! By the statement given by him. So she asked? Why such statement?

“I mean you’re so old school,” he said. “Sometimes it seems you’re wearing a trendy disguise behind that late 19th/early 20th-century soul of yours. As if you want the best of all worlds, you want to be free as a bird but be treated with chivalry; you shout for equality yet want the man in front of you to hold the door. Dating seems like a foreign concept when it comes to you, I know because of the boys who vent to me about your flat rejections, what is it that you want?  You’re like a mystery,” he blurted, half out of frustration, half out of curiosity.

Meanwhile, she maintained her poker face of resolve for anxiety was crawling down her spine with the words he was spitting out at her, like a mirror hiding nothing and showing all her flaws. A minute passed, two minutes, now three, finally she broke that smirk took a sip of her coffee and let down her guard for once and said, “I believe chivalry is a concept created by men who were taught by their mamas how a lady should be respected. Yes, I want the best of both worlds. I want to be treated the way a real gentleman would treat his lady, I want to be courted properly, respected, and understood because I would do the same. I would treat the guy like a girl should, and understand his ego, give him space, and let him know that I exist too. I’m not some mother’s idea of a cook, cleaner, model, robot who’ll comply with all needs for her son dropped from the moon. I’m human who was born with the passion of ambition not to be cried off while chopping onions and dreams. What I want is too clichéd to be said over a cup of coffee for I could become what I want rather than say it.
“So, if I am a mystery to frustrating for a mind like yours to unravel, maybe we’d need another cup of coffee for you to experience all that I’ve said rather than sit and listen,” she replied half stunned at her forthrightness and half satisfied with her reply.

“Okay then, I guess we’ll need to have a few more coffees then”, he replied while relishing the last sip of his coffee.

“Okay, then,” she replied while holding her coffee.


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