Some Little Things if someone would have told me when I was 18.

  1. ‘Be who you were born to be, break free from traditional norms.’
  2. ‘Stop stressing about where your life is going to take you, live in the moment.’
  3. ‘Take complete advantage of every opportunity life throws at you.’
  4. ‘Find out who you are and learn to be ok with yourself.’
  5. ‘Expand your social circle and talk to lots of people.’
  6. ‘What other people think about you is none of your business.’
  7. ‘Change is inevitable and life will start moving much faster than expected.’
  8. ‘Learn to stand your ground and trust your own instincts.’
  9. ‘Explore new ideas and opportunities to find what you love doing the most.’
  10. ‘You will love and lose many people, learn to let go of people.’
  11. ‘Adults don’t really know what they’re doing either.’
  12. ‘You don’t need to have life all figured out!’
  13. ‘You’re going to get your heartbroken but time will heal all wounds.’
  14. ‘In life, don’t settle for anything less than you think you deserve.’
  15. ‘Don’t be tied down to one person, date all kinds of people.’
  16. ‘Learn to live on a budget and save your money.’
  17. ‘Eat all you want because your metabolism won’t stay the same forever.’
  18. ‘All those things you want to do? Do them now, you’ll never have the time later.’



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