She Was a Mystery For Him! Which needs to be solved!

“I think you’re born in the wrong half of the century,” he said to her. She was amazed! By the statement given by him. So she asked? Why such statement?

“I mean you’re so old school,” he said. “Sometimes it seems you’re wearing a trendy disguise behind that late 19th/early 20th-century soul of yours. As if you want the best of all worlds, you want to be free as a bird but be treated with chivalry; you shout for equality yet want the man in front of you to hold the door. Dating seems like a foreign concept when it comes to you, I know because of the boys who vent to me about your flat rejections, what is it that you want?  You’re like a mystery,” he blurted, half out of frustration, half out of curiosity.

Meanwhile, she maintained her poker face of resolve for anxiety was crawling down her spine with the words he was spitting out at her, like a mirror hiding nothing and showing all her flaws. A minute passed, two minutes, now three, finally she broke that smirk took a sip of her coffee and let down her guard for once and said, “I believe chivalry is a concept created by men who were taught by their mamas how a lady should be respected. Yes, I want the best of both worlds. I want to be treated the way a real gentleman would treat his lady, I want to be courted properly, respected, and understood because I would do the same. I would treat the guy like a girl should, and understand his ego, give him space, and let him know that I exist too. I’m not some mother’s idea of a cook, cleaner, model, robot who’ll comply with all needs for her son dropped from the moon. I’m human who was born with the passion of ambition not to be cried off while chopping onions and dreams. What I want is too clichéd to be said over a cup of coffee for I could become what I want rather than say it.
“So, if I am a mystery to frustrating for a mind like yours to unravel, maybe we’d need another cup of coffee for you to experience all that I’ve said rather than sit and listen,” she replied half stunned at her forthrightness and half satisfied with her reply.

“Okay then, I guess we’ll need to have a few more coffees then”, he replied while relishing the last sip of his coffee.

“Okay, then,” she replied while holding her coffee.


To, The One!!

Dear “One”,

I’m a bit unsure if I should be addressing you as “the one”. You have to understand, since I haven’t actually met you, the concept is a bit difficult to grasp. We see it in movies and read about it in books, but when it comes to reality, it’s not totally black and white. I’m hoping that’ll change once you are in my life, though. I’m hoping I’ll just know.

I’m seen my fair share of failed relationships, so I am a bit jaded. I’m guessing everyone goes through this phase. My parents didn’t have the happiest of marriages, and they still have their issues. My sister, on the other hand, found her soulmate before her two elder sisters. So you can imagine why this whole love thing has been a bit confusing for me.

But I do feel like I’m meant to find love. And while I may start doubting my feelings sometimes, I’m hoping you’ll be there to make things clear when my head’s a mess. And I promise to do the same for you.

I want you to be prepared, though. I will talk too much sometimes about things that don’t make any sense. I will challenge you and your opinions about things that matter. I will fight with you. And when I get tired of fighting, I might even resort to ignoring you. I can easily go from acting like a mature adult to whining like a 12-year-old who didn’t get her favourite candy. So it isn’t going to be all sunshine and roses. It’s going to be a gritty road, but I won’t leave your hand even when all I can do is stare daggers at you.

But you should know this: while I may be the cause of the many headaches you’re going to have in the future, I’ll also love you with all of my heart and probably more. I’ll make sacrifices where I can and adjustments to accommodate you when you aren’t comfortable with something. I’ll elbow my way to you when you need me and not leave your side when I know you can’t find the words to ask me to stay. I’ll be there. Through thick and thin.

I don’t know about you, but I might want to take things slow. Though I possibly won’t be able to tell you all of these things the first time I meet you, we’ll take it bit by bit, day by day. And I’ll let you in a little more and learn at least one new thing about you with each passing day – as I am sure you will about me. But I am telling you now: I’m not a girl who falls in love at first sight and suddenly makes her whole world about someone else. It might never be like that, but believe me, I really do want to share my world with you. And be a part of yours.

I’m not in a rush. I’m happy where I am right now. I’ve reached a place where I actually love myself and everything about myself. And I’ve managed to find some friends who truly adore me for all my quirks and crazy habits! We’ll meet when we have to, if we’re meant to – but until then, I’m gonna make sure I keep having a blast.

I don’t want to miss out on life while waiting on you, and I hope you’re doing the same.

Love later,


P.S.: I hope you’re a dog person. Just saying.

The girl who would’ve never given up on you.

A Letter to the Guy Who Ruined Love for Me

Dear you,
You were my first experience of the fleeting feeling that people like to call as love. My first introduction to what everybody is chasing after. Before I met you, I never realized just how desperately I was chasing after love, too.

As only a girl of sixteen can be, I was very naive about our relationship. I gave you all of the love that I had to give, without ever questioning the fact that love only from one person in a relationship of two can never make it work. Even back then, when I whined for only a little your attention and when just you smiling at me made my day, I had never complained. I had never blamed you.

Now, at the twenty first year of my life, when I think about my sixteen-year-old self, I wallow in self-pity for all that you made me go through in the one and a half year of our relationship. I was stupid enough to think that despite everything, you loved me. I even created excuses for you in my mind when you ran out of them. I was the last in your priorities, when for me, you were always the first.

I often wonder why it was that you kept telling me you loved me when you really didn’t; about why you would keep me hanging by a thread. Maybe it was because I was never the one you needed, but you were afraid to let me go because you knew that I was more than what you deserved, or maybe because you knew that my love was very much real. I will never know. And while I have never blamed you or accused you of anything because I had always convinced myself that you could never be at fault, it is time that you and I face the truth.

The truth is that what you did to me is worse than anything that can be done, and though I’ve forgiven you even if you didn’t ask for forgiveness, I’ll never forget you because you changed me. You should have left a long time ago, but by the time you finally left, I had already given so much of myself to you, that you took away a piece of my being along with you. I was the most alive person, and you reduced me down to scribbling notes about loving someone who didn’t care, while crying myself to sleep. I was known to be the most confident girl of my year, but you made me feel worthless, not by your words, but by your actions, so much so that even till today, I feel like I am not good enough for anything or anyone. You left me crying, not even rewarding me with a second glance, in the quadrangle the day before my birthday, the day you broke up with me, for the whole school to see how the girl who always seemed so strong, the one who hated breaking down in front of anyone, has fallen to bits, crying her heart out, not caring that there are at least a hundred people to look at her misery. Honestly, you put me through more pain than a fifteen-year-old heart could bear for what it thought was love. Above everything else, you made me fear love. Since you, there has been nobody else, because I am too afraid of letting go of my armor for somebody who is just waiting to pierce me with a sword.

  • And even after all of this, you are the one who has really lost, because you missed out on somebody who had more love within herself than she knew what to do with, and she was more than willing to give all of it to you.
    The girl who would’ve never given up on you.

SOME MISUSED ENGLISH WORDS! which make smart people look silly :p

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We’re all tempted to use words that we’re not too familiar with. If this were the only problem, I wouldn’t have much to write about. That’s because we’re cautious with words we’re unsure of and, thus, they don’t create much of an issue for us. It’s the words that we think we’re using correctly that wreak the most havoc. We throw them around in meetings, e-mails and important documents (such as resumes and client reports), and they land, like fingernails across a chalkboard, on everyone who has to hear or read them. We’re all guilty of this from time to time, myself included.

When I write, I check my content twice or thrice. Because, It’s bad enough to have a roomful of people witness your blunder—it’s something else entirely to stumble in front of 100,000! The point is, we can all benefit from opportunities to sharpen the saw and minimize our mistakes. Often, it’s the words we perceive as being more correct or sophisticated that don’t really mean what we think they do. There are 20 such words that have a tendency to make even really smart people stumble.

Have a look to see which of these commonly confused words throw you off.

Accept vs. Except

These two words sound similar but have very different meanings. Acceptmeans to receive something willingly: “His mom accepted his explanation” or “She accepted the gift graciously.” Except signifies exclusion: “I can attend every meeting except the one next week.” To help you remember, note that both except and exclusion begin with ex.

Affect vs. Effect

To make these words even more confusing than they already are, both can be used as either a noun or a verb. Let’s start with the verbs. Affect means to influence something or someone; effect means to accomplish something. “Your job was affected by the organizational restructuring” but “These changes will be effected on Monday.” As a noun, an effect is the result of something: “The sunny weather had a huge effect on sales.” It’s almost always the right choice because the noun affect refers to an emotional state and is rarely used outside of psychological circles: “The patient’s affect was flat.”

Lie vs. Lay

We’re all pretty clear on the lie that means an untruth. It’s the other usage that trips us up. Lie also means to recline: “Why don’t you lie down and rest?” Lay requires an object: “Lay the book on the table.” Lie is something you can do by yourself, but you need an object to lay. It’s more confusing in the past tense. The past tense of lie is—you guessed it—lay: “I lay down for an hour last night.” And the past tense of lay is laid: “I laid the book on the table.”

Bring vs. Take

Bring and take both describe transporting something or someone from one place to another, but the correct usage depends on the speaker’s point of view. Somebody brings something to you, but you take it to somewhere else: “Bring me the mail, then take your shoes to your room.” Just remember, if the movement is toward you, use bring; if the movement is away from you, use take.

Ironic vs. Coincidental

A lot of people get this wrong. If you break your leg the day before a ski trip, that’s not ironic—it’s coincidental (and bad luck). Ironic has several meanings, all of which include some type of reversal of what was expected. Verbal irony is when a person says one thing but clearly means another. Situational irony is when a result is the opposite of what was expected. O. Henry was a master of situational irony. In his famous short story The Gift of the Magi, Jim sells his watch to buy combs for his wife’s hair, and she sells her hair to buy a chain for Jim’s watch. Each character sold something precious to buy a gift for the other, but those gifts were intended for what the other person sold. That is true irony. If you break your leg the day before a ski trip, that’s coincidental.If you drive up to the mountains to ski, and there was more snow back at your house, that’s ironic.

Imply vs. Infer

To imply means to suggest something without saying it outright. To infer means to draw a conclusion from what someone else implies. As a general rule, the speaker/writer implies, and the listener/reader infers.

Nauseous vs. Nauseated

Nauseous has been misused so often that the incorrect usage is accepted in some circles. Still, it’s important to note the difference. Nauseous means causing nausea; nauseated means experiencing nausea. So, if your circle includes ultra-particular grammar sticklers, never say “I’m nauseous” unless you want them to be snickering behind your back.

Comprise vs. Compose

These are two of the most commonly misused words in the English language.Comprise means to include; compose means to make up. It all comes down to parts versus the whole. When you use comprise, you put the whole first: “A soccer game comprises (includes) two halves.” When you use compose, you put the pieces first: “Fifty states compose (make up) the United States of America.”

Farther vs. Further

Farther refers to physical distance, while further describes the degree or extent of an action or situation. “I can’t run any farther,” but “I have nothing further to say.” If you can substitute “more” or “additional,” use further.

Fewer vs. Less

Use fewer when you’re referring to separate items that can be counted; use less when referring to a whole: “You have fewer dollars, but less money.”

Bringing it all together

English grammar can be tricky, and, a lot of times, the words that sound right are actually wrong. With words such as those listed above, you just have to memorize the rules so that when you are about to use them, you’ll catch yourself in the act and know for certain that you’ve written or said the right one.

Some Little Things if someone would have told me when I was 18.

  1. ‘Be who you were born to be, break free from traditional norms.’
  2. ‘Stop stressing about where your life is going to take you, live in the moment.’
  3. ‘Take complete advantage of every opportunity life throws at you.’
  4. ‘Find out who you are and learn to be ok with yourself.’
  5. ‘Expand your social circle and talk to lots of people.’
  6. ‘What other people think about you is none of your business.’
  7. ‘Change is inevitable and life will start moving much faster than expected.’
  8. ‘Learn to stand your ground and trust your own instincts.’
  9. ‘Explore new ideas and opportunities to find what you love doing the most.’
  10. ‘You will love and lose many people, learn to let go of people.’
  11. ‘Adults don’t really know what they’re doing either.’
  12. ‘You don’t need to have life all figured out!’
  13. ‘You’re going to get your heartbroken but time will heal all wounds.’
  14. ‘In life, don’t settle for anything less than you think you deserve.’
  15. ‘Don’t be tied down to one person, date all kinds of people.’
  16. ‘Learn to live on a budget and save your money.’
  17. ‘Eat all you want because your metabolism won’t stay the same forever.’
  18. ‘All those things you want to do? Do them now, you’ll never have the time later.’


Love is not always about happy moments. Good things come to those who wait. So never compromise on your happiness and always be proud of who you are. :-)

“The first time you fall in love, it changes you forever and no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away” – Nicholas Sparks

I am a hopeless romantic. I’m the girl who dreamt of her man bringing her red roses and kneeling down in front of her, with a ring in his hand. I wanted to be surprised with chocolates and ‘miss you’ cards at work. But it all looks good in a bollywood movie and not in our real life. Reality is hard. Its hard to believe that a person can change with times and according to their moods and needs as well.

I met someone years back We started seeing each other, and like any other girl I started dreaming about our future, which obviously included marriage and kids. He was elder then me. Not my type of guy. Not at all perfect but due to my friends influence we started dating and I actually took it serious.

I had been a confident girl all my life. I had stood up for myself and loved myself more than I let myself love anyone else. But I was losing all my confidence. I was losing all hope. I was beginning to think that it was me that there was something wrong with. Was he right? Was I just oversensitive and paranoid and he was still being his perfect self? Doubt and fear started to flood my mind.

It worked till eleven months until his family got to know about us and then it started. Fights, avoiding, ignoring, but I was like we cant give up though he was not up to the mark and not even deserving. It was all fine A year and eleven months of feeling like this is when I finally broke down. I was still trying to make him happy and let him live his life in peace as he always asked me to. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally gathered the courage to break up with him.

That day, I decided that I’d had enough with this guy. He wanted me to become something that I was not, and I refused to be his version of me…I use to hear when we broke up Will get marry in future and blah blah shits but I gave up, That was the end of my patience and our relationship.

I was heartbroken. I spent a lot of sleepless nights and sometimes would cry myself to sleep. And it took me a long time to get over him. I stopped listening to many songs because they reminded me of him. I would get depressed and at times would question myself about if I had done the right thing.

I was unhappy in my relationship with him because I expected him to be the same person he was when we started out. I expected him to be as respectful and loving. As admiring of my capabilities and as encouraging of my dreams. But soon it was all about him and that made me unhappy.

But it also made me realize something about myself. I like doing things for the people I care about. And just because a few people fail to acknowledge or appreciate that, it does not mean that I will never come across someone who will.

Expecting something in return from someone always causes disappointment. So I’m not afraid to fall back in love, I’m not hurt or bruised or scarred. In fact, I am stronger than ever before, because I have learnt to love without expectations.

Love is not always about happy moments, there will be rough patches as well – and it’s these situations that make your relationship stronger. Similarly, when life breaks you down, you gather all the courage you can muster and put your life back on track…only you can be the reason for your happiness. Embrace every aspect of your life, be it good or bad. If things don’t seem to be working at this moment, they will be better in the future. Good things come to those who wait. So never compromise on your happiness and always be proud of who you are. 🙂