Things will never be the same…Again!!

I never thought I would fall for you… Coz I never thought of you like that, never in my dreams never ever…..

But then everyone started telling me that you guys look great together and you people look like made for each other couple..

But, I never payed attention to all this..

One night things changed but, still I was not into you… But, then things changed..

Whenever I use to see you, I use to smile whenever I heard your name, I use to search for you, I knew you love someone else, So I didn’t  wanted too…

I tried to go far away but, everytime I did you were in trouble and even I didn’t wanted to loose our friendship. I will never leave you, When I saw you that day No matter what…

Here, I am trying to stop myself.

Whenever you hold me, I always wanted you to pull me towards you.. But, that was not possible. I can’t see you in trouble but, Here I am helpless..

I love when you shout at me (It shows that you care for me.)

But, Deep inside I knew no one cared for me and no one will…

But, Its Ok I don’t care and I don’t mind. I live my life on my own terms and condition and I have lived my life like this so no complaints no regrets.

He might be thinking what girl she is… He thinks I am a bad girl but, I am not bad.. I am changing my attitude coz I don’t want to get hurt anymore… But, here I am giving wrong impression to everyone.

The time you hold me you might have thought unlike other girls she’ll be the same.. But, I swear I am not unlike the girl you see or around you.. In my heart I know I shouldn’t  have come close.. But then I am sorry but, somewhere down the line I know  to control myself and if I would have controlled myself a little more…

Things would not be the same!!!!!!!!