You have an excuse for just about everything..
if you don’t call,you simply say, you caught up in something…
if you don’t text me, you alwys say you got outa work late.
If you don’t talk to me whole day, you tend to say you were asleep whole day…
I hate how you make excuses..
it makes me feel unwanted & unneeded…
You Dont Put Up With My Excuse Then Why Should I With Yours???


*Coz m a GiRl*


I just can’t understand hearts of men.They tell you that they love you,but just leave you afterwards. That was the first time.That I fell in love.I believed everything and I was so happy.
But then,you should have told me that you didn’t like me anymore.I couldn’t see that.But then…You rushed me…Although I will curse you,I will still miss you.I will be mad at you,but I will still love you because, I’m a girl, to whom love is everything.I heard that if you give up things so easily to a man,the man will get bored with you.I don’t really think this is wrong.A girl will say that she will never be fooled again,but in the end, she will fall in love again and again.
The pain is not enough.It’s not enough to describe what I feel. I was so happy to have you but,I know now that I’m just blind.You told me that you’ll never let me down.You told me that you’ll always be by my side.I can forgive you but it won’t be easy to forget.Even though you hurt me,I still love you.I still love you with all my heart.
Don’t take advantage of a girl’s willingness to do everything for love.Her caring instinct,is different since you are the one she cares for the most.I didn’t know that to be born as a girl and to be loved at the same time is so hard.Although I will do everything to be mad at you,even if I will curse you, even if you will hurt me more than beyond this,I will still love you…!! </3