*BeCoz I M A GirL*

I just can’t understand hearts of men.They tell you that they love you,but just leave you afterwards. That was the first time.That I fell in love.I believed everything and I was so happy.
But then,you should have told me that you didn’t like me anymore.I couldn’t see that.But then…You rushed me…Although I will curse you,I will still miss you.I will be mad at you,but I will still love you because, I’m a girl, to whom love is everything.I heard that if you give up things so easily to a man,the man will get bored with you.I don’t really think this is wrong.A girl will say that she will never be fooled again,but in the end, she will fall in love again and again.
The pain is not enough.It’s not enough to describe what I feel. I was so happy to have you but,I know now that I’m just blind.You told me that you’ll never let me down.You told me that you’ll always be by my side.I can forgive you but it won’t be easy to forget.Even though you hurt me,I still love you.I still love you with all my heart.
Don’t take advantage of a girl’s willingness to do everything for love.Her caring instinct,is different since you are the one she cares for the most.I didn’t know that to be born as a girl and to be loved at the same time is so hard.Although I will do everything to be mad at you,even if I will curse you, even if you will hurt me more than beyond this,I will still love you…!! </3


The Pleasure Of Reading

Good Books enrich  the mind by providing knowledge,by widening the horizons of our imaginatio ,and giving us an insight into different minds. It is truly said that
A man is known by the company he keeps
why should we not,then,keep the best company,that of good books? And what better company we think of than that of great thinkers,philosophers and writers who have written them?
a good book brings you in the company of mighty minds
Bacon once said my mind to me a kingdom is and he was quite right. Pleasure that we derived from external things like eating and sports and al are short lived and elusive,but the pleasure that we derived from reading books is everlasting and satisfying.


Next to One’s parents,brothers,sisters…friends are a great source of encouragement and support..It is only our true friends who will stamd by us all times,under all trying circumstances,through thick and thin.
    But everybody is not fortunate to have such good friends.We all do have companions,but very few of us have true,good friends.We must therefore,distinguish between good friends and companions.In life we come in contact with large variety of persons.But our relation with most of them is for soecific purpose and are therefore casual and short lived.We should be careful in selecting our friends.Out of al those with whom we come into cobtact,we should select only those whom we can trust,in whom we can confide,with whom we care share our joys and sorrows.Let us have few but truly dependable and trustworthy friends…
It Is Said That Prosperity Gain Friends and Adversity tries Them.Many people flock around a rich mam claiming to be his friend.But as soon as rich man comes into some trouble or loses his wealth..most of his so called friends desert him just as rats desert shinking ship.
It is observed that true friendship are mostly formed during school days,as childrens are innocent and yet not learnt to be selfish…. Selfishness is great obstacle to true friendship.Friendship ends where Selfishness begins.
It is difficult to get true friends but it is more difficult to keep them


FrOm BeSt FrIeNdS To SoUlmAtEs….❤

I always thought that we will be best friends…But i never realized when in the course of our friendship..i would cross the line & boundary of ‘BFF’S’….
We both were best friends.We knew each other inside out (in few days). Being a best friend you knew things about me which i couldn’t share with any other guy..There was amazing sense of security when I used to be with you.Our comfort level was commendable.We could say anything & everything to each other…
And all these bloomed in flawless relationship… We stil share the same bond of our friendship….
But as time goes on there’s unusual spark in our friendship…That spark was Love…
Falling in love with your best friend..its like having the best of both World….

From Best Friends to Soulmates ❤

Love is Friendship..undoubtedly girl and a guy cant be just friends..
But,in some cases they fall for each other,they fall in love too..
When you fall in love with whom you know as friend the experience become worthwhile..
firstly level of mutual understanding is commendable..
A part of you get a whole new side of your best friend’s personality..
you get to see him romantic which is unusual & exciting at same time..
Its difficult to find best friend in boyfriend
But some easily manage it way round like me….

❤That’s Life❤

This stage too passed…
All my sufferings didn’t last…
Yes i won!!
Bt the ones who were needed the most were gone!!
Though i found a shoulder to cry bt eventually tears did nt dry…
Wen i mastered the skill of Hate he started lovin me…
Yeaahh… bt maybe it was too late..
Thts LIFE!
ALWAYS Surprising us with a knife!!

LÓVÉ it can bring u both togetha and EGO it can Ruined it….

Both Are Quiet but have hundreds of things running in the mind..

Both r missing each other but want the other one to initiate the conversation..

Both want to be with each other,to fight,to argue,to show love..but would pretend that they are fine without each other

Both want to meet each other..but will not say anything and stay silently…

They would send each other silly messages
would not tell that ‘Stupid I am Missing You..’

Sometimes We Miss out the most lovable moments because we want other one to take the first step…

Showing Love might improve the situation… But ..Showing Ego will definately Ruin It….

Love ❤❤❤❤❤

Love comes through eyes,as they help me see you….
Love comes through your voice,as they help me hear you…..
Love comes through hands,as your touch sends shivers down my spine….  
Love comes through dream,as I hav dream about the life you imparted me…..
Love comes through smile,as I fall for you everytym u smile…..
Love comes through tight embrace,makin me feel secure in your arms….
Love comes through heart,as my heart slips a beat whenever I see You & Love comes through Me….

Its lucky to love someone,
its fortunate to love the one who loves you,
its miracle to love a person who cant love anyone except you……❤

IF YoU EvEr FaLL In LoVe….❤

Fall in love with someone who wants to know what your favourite colour is & jst how you like coffee…
Fall in love with someone who loves the way you laugh & would do anythng to hear it  ….
Fall in love with someone who puts your head on your chest just to listen your heartbeat….
Fall in love with someone who kisses you in public & is proud to showoff to anyone they know…..
Fall in love with someone who makes you question why are you afraid to fall in love in the first place….
Fall in love with someone who would never ever want to hurt you….
Fall in love with someone who loves you with all your flaws & thinks you are perfct just the way you are….
Fall in love with someone that you are the one they would love to wake up each day……