I <3 PHOTOGRAPHY…. AND YOU <3 IT 2… ;) :*

Photography can be an expensive hobby, because of it’s tools n setup. That does not means you cannot do photography. When you initially start with it you can use you normal camera there at your home or of your friend also you can use your cellphones camera. Once you are confident enough to handle the tools and camera th

#earlymoning #beach #birds #hafbluesky #people #instantcaptured
#earlymoning #beach #birds #hafbluesky #people #instantcaptured
en you can buy your own camera and can do your photography and enjoy. Photography is both art and a tool. It has the ability to inspire and educate, to communicate in ways that transcend the limitations of language, age, race, or class. Photographs can show people the world around them through new eyes, creating an awareness of our social and physical environment and fostering a connection with nature. It is through photography that we can teach others about environmental issues, social injustices, and the incredible, diverse beauty of our planet; this is a tool that can help to develop responsible and informed world citizens who act as stewards for nature and humanity. My goal is not to simply create stunning photographs, but to give them a voice and a purpose, to make them work towards a better planet, and to make sure the stories they tell are heard….


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